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Chakra clearing.jpg

Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue


This meditative CD guides you through spirit releasement and angelic healing therapy, which clears your chakra energy centers and activates your inborn healing and psychic power. It starts with a morning meditation to begin your day with a bright positive energy frequency and surround you with healing light. The relaxing evening meditation that follows clears away energy that you may have absorbed during the day and invites angels to enter your dreams to give you divine messages


Chakra journey.jpg

Chakra Journey by Hemi Sync


Activate, clear, and align your chakras while expanding your awareness with the soothing, healing music of ThunderBeat and Hemi-Sync®.


drum cargo rhythms of wind.png

DRUM CARGO RHYTHMS OF WIND by David & Steve Gordon


This third release in the acclaimed Drum Elements series features Shaman rhythms from the world over. Tibal drums and percusssion combine with the soaring beauty of the Native American flute. Listen while driving, at work, for yoga, for parties, working out or any time you need an energy boost.


Drum cargo rhythms of fire.jpg

DRUM CARGO: RHYTHMS OF FIRE by David & Steve Gordon


Connect with the healing power of the ancient beat with these entrancing grooves of drums and percussion from every corner of the planet. Masters of rhythm David & Steve Gordon have created a mesmerizing drum expedition with their extensive collection of ethic drums and then added just the right amount of soaring Native American Flute melodies. The result is a energizing and vibrant drum trance journey great for dance and movement, exercise, driving or any time you need a lift. Move to the deep resonance of primal world rhythms and get in sync with the heartbeat of the earth!


Earth Sea Air.png

Earth Sea Air by Ancient Echos


Experience the sounds of Humpback Whales accompanied by the Aboriginal Didgeridoo and the haunting calls of the Native American Flute all flowing together to create an atmosphere for deep meditation and journeying.


First Song.png

First Song by Ancient Echos


A unique collaboration of original Native American Flute Style songs that soothes the soul, relaxes the mind and body and recharges your spirit!


Shaman's Heart.jpg

SHAMAN'S HEART by Hemi Synch


The spellbinding shamanic stylings of Byron Metcalf, and guest artist Steve Roach are combined with Hemi-Sync® to transport you into the infinite heart-space dimension.